A Mini Food Diary | La Habana, Cuba

May 7, 2018 Havana, Cuba

I was scrolling through my phone last night when I realised that I had a ton of photos from my trip that I hadn't gotten around to sharing. I thought I'd just compile them into 1 simple (food) post for you all so we can salivate together.

Below you will find a few snapshots of some dishes I enjoyed while in Havana. The only exception (meaning I shared the photo, but not because I enjoyed anything...) being my dinner at Cafe Laurent, which was probably the worst culinary experience of my life. Quite literally the most expensive restaurant I dined at while in Cuba, Cafe Laurent came highly recommended by many locals giving restaurant suggestions during my stay. I was reluctant at first because I thought "who goes to Cuba to eat 'French' inspired dishes? I can get that back home..." but after hearing so many great things about the restaurant, I caved.

I should've just listened to my gut because the meal I had at Cafe Laurent was an overpriced disaster. I have never had a piece of poultry so rubbery that it physically numbed my jaw from trying to chew it- it was completely inedible. I literally had to go to another restaurant afterwards to find something appetizing because that oven-baked tire was not cutting it.

Perhaps this was a one-time thing, or perhaps not. Moral of the story, trust your gut and save your money. Luckily, this was the only food related hiccup on my trip, so I'd still label it an overall success, I'll just be sure to skip out on Cafe Laurent next time!

My dish from Cafe Laurent

Have you guys ever had an awful food related experience while travelling? Where were you and what was the issue? I'd love to know!


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