What I Bought- Black Friday + Cyber Monday '17

December 6, 2017

As I sit down to type this, I am quite literally filled with the excitement of a giddy school girl who's just been told that her crush fancies her as well. Have you ever gotten butterflies in your stomach because you suddenly remember a parcel you ordered ages ago, will finally be at your door the moment you get home from work/school?? Well that was me last night, and it's honestly still me right now!

I truly can't remember a time I got this excited over receiving a makeup shipment, but I guess there is a first time for everything. 

With this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales being too good to resist, I caved like any makeup addicted, stage 5 hoarder would, and I went out there (on these websites) and recklessly threw my coins where they have no business being. After all was said and done, I really did save loads and I genuinely picked up items I have been wanting to add to my collection for a while now, but I never bothered to rush out and buy them when they initially launched. And *sidenote* just a little "sisterly advice" from me to you, something I always do when I first begin obsessing over an item (whether it be makeup or not...), if it's not limited edition, I always say leave it be. If it was meant to be (in your possession), it'll still be there in 2 weeks or however long, and if by that time you are still obsessing over it (and have enough coins for it), then by all means, SNATCH HER UP! I also don't like to rush to be one of the first people to try certain products because I like giving it some breathing space so companies have enough time to take in any possible feedback and perhaps improve on a product, that way I'm not stuck with a dud.

Now with all that being said, let's just dive straight in to my recent picks! Altogether, I purchased the latest addition to the Urban Decay Naked range, 4 Colourpop liquid lipsticks, an ABH highligher palette, and 6 Juvia's Place eyeshadow palettes! I picked up the Naked Heat and ABH palettes whilst at work, but my Colourpop and Juvia's Place orders were done online.

 For those interested in shipping info., my Colourpop order was placed on November 24th, on November 26th I received a shipment notification and by December 1st, I had my lippies in my hands. For my Juvia's Place order, I made my purchase the morning of November 27th, on November 30th I received a shipment notification and on December 5th I finally had my products in my hands.

Out of everything I bought, I was most excited about getting my hands on these Juvia's Place palettes! I have been eyeing them for months now and I am already a fan of the quality of their shadows (I've had the opportunity to use them on other people), so I was truly ecstatic to add these to my collection. And before any critics jump out of the woodworks, I am a freelance makeup artist and I also work for multiple makeup brands currently. I also receive very generous discounts on most brands because of my job, regardless of the time of year. I simply chose to hold off until the end of the year to make these purchase because I wanted to take advantage of the Black Friday sales. So no need to worry, none of this makeup will gather any cobwebs!

Also, I will certainly be posting swatches of all of these goodies in the near future, so do keep an eye out for that. And if you would like to be notified when those posts are finally out, feel free to subscribe to my blog- you can do so in the side bar on the right hand side where it says "Subscribe for Updates".

I think I've pretty much covered all of my bases... so if you would like to see more snapshots of the makeup, along with specifics on lipstick and palette names, then just keep on scrolling! :)





COLOURPOP- "Just Peachy" Bundle & Ultra Matte Lip

- JUST PEACHY Bundle Shades: Instigator (Ultra Matte Lip), Screenshot (Ultra Satin Lip), Speed Dial (Ultra Matte Lip)
- Ultra Matte Lip Shade: Mama

I really only wanted to get a hold of the lippy in the shade "Mama", but of course I got a little carried away. I've also been more into Colourpop's satin lip formula lately, so I guess I'll have to ingest some lip balm before going near these matte formulas. 

And I know these look like 4 of the same liquid lipstick, but they are different from each other. I will do a swatch comparison soon, so be on the look out for that!


- features 4 transition matte shadows & 8 shimmery pearl textured shadows


- features 4 matte transition shadows, 4 shimmery shadows & 4 shadows with a satin finish

JUVIA'S PLACE- THE ZULU Eyeshadow Palette

- features 6 matte shadows & 3 metallic shimmer shadows

JUVIA'S PLACE- THE NUBIAN 2 Eyeshadow Palette

- features 4 matte shadows & 8 metallic shadows
- pans are double in size when compared to the original Nubian palette


- comes in 2 sizes- Large & Mini
- features 5 matte shadows & 11 shimmery shadows

JUVIA'S PLACE- THE MAGIC Eyeshadow Palette

- features 6 matte shadows & 10 shimmer shadows 

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