The Easiest Glitter Cut-Crease

August 3, 2017

Hi my loves! Today I dove head first into the world of cut-creases, but I didn't get too carried away. This is the first time I've ever done a cut-crease (well it's really a half cut-crease) look on myself; I've actually done it quite a few times on clients, but never on my own eyes. For me, it's much easier to do these sort of makeup techniques on another person (at least from my experience), and now having had my first go at it on myself, I can see why this sort of thing may seem quite intimidating for some.

For my makeup look today, I opted for a nice warm, Instagram-friendly, prom appropriate, pretty, flirty, dare I say romantic, half cut-crease. And this was actually so easy to do, I'm sure you guys will be able to recreate this look without any trouble.

I'll definitely be doing more cut-crease style looks for you guys, but for today, I wanted to make sure I kept things a little simpler (I didn't want to go overboard my first time around). I wanted this eye makeup to be something any makeup lover could look at and think, "Oh I can do that!" while still giving the impression that it may have taken more effort than usual (but like, it really didn't shhh). And I think (well I hope) I've done just that.

So if you're interested in any products I used to achieve this look, or you'd like to see my tutorial (linked at the end of this post), then just keep on scrolling! :)




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