Happy Birthday, Birthday, Birthday, Valentine's Day

February 16, 2016

Move over December because February is slowly becoming the most stressful month of the year for me. Who would've thought that the month of love, the month of my birth would come to be a time that would make me want to assume the fetal position.

Since the last week of January, every week up until Valentine's Day, there's been a birthday to celebrate. I'm used to typically being the only February birthday within my friend group, but oh how the tides have turned since moving to Atlanta. Within the span of two weeks, there's already been 5 birthdays to celebrate, mine included. 

My friend's and I decided it would probably be best to just celebrate our birthdays together (Samah- February 12th, Jordan- February 14th, and of course Moi- February 7th), at a single dinner- minimize stress and cost. Make life a little easier for ourselves.

So here we are.

My friends Helena (Bon) and Salome were in-charge of finding the restaurant and luckily everyone was pleasantly surprised with their choice. So this post is a thank-you to them for such a wonderful surprise, and an evening filled with great food and even better company (original I know!). 

Mug shot ?

Now let us all take a moment to appreciate the most important part of the night... THE FOOD!

I thought the inclusion of these last two pictures would be a nice little addition to wrap up this post. 

Someone say Chick-fil-A ?

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